Optimum ACP Program

The Optimum ACP Program brings crucial monthly savings to eligible households throughout Optimum service areas. By participating in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program, Optimum extends the valuable $30 internet discount to qualified low-income families through a straightforward online application process. New and existing customers can simply visit optimum.com/acp to check eligibility and sign up if approved.

What is the Optimum ACP Program?

The Optimum ACP Program is Optimum’s participation in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a federal program established to help close the digital divide and expand broadband access for low-income households across America. Through the Optimum ACP Program, eligible Optimum customers can receive a monthly discount of up to $30 off the cost of internet service.

This valuable $30 credit is applied directly to the customer’s Optimum bill each month once they are approved for the Optimum ACP Program. New and existing Optimum customers simply need to visit www.optimum/acp or optimum.com/acp to apply online. In just a few minutes, applicants can complete the optimum.com/acp application and find out if they pre-qualify for the discount based on household size and income details.

Approved participants in the Optimum ACP Program then automatically start receiving the full $30 monthly discount on their Optimum internet service costs. This crucial benefit makes fast and reliable home broadband truly affordable for low-income families and individuals through a simple optimum.com/acp sign up process. The program has already helped tens of thousands of households in Optimum service areas access connectivity that might otherwise be out of reach.

What is Optimum Premium?

Optimum Premium is Optimum’s basic internet-only plan that qualifies for the savings from the Optimum ACP Program. Optimum Premium offers download speeds of up to a very solid 200 Mbps, plenty of bandwidth for multiple devices to work, stream, game and more simultaneously in the home. The service also includes no data caps and no extra usage fees each month.

Normally priced at $49.99 monthly, Optimum Premium is discounted all the way down to just $19.99 per month for households that complete the quick and easy optimum.com/acp application to enroll in the Optimum ACP Program. With speeds up to 200 Mbps, Optimum Premium provides full access to work, learn, entertain and stay connected online at a significantly reduced cost thanks to the $30 Optimum ACP Program monthly credit for eligible subscribers.

What is an Optimum Point?

Even while receiving the substantial $30 monthly discount through the Optimum ACP Program, participating customers still earn Optimum Points from their internet service each month. Optimum Points are rewards accumulated from on-time payments, customer referrals that sign up, and other account activities. Earned points can then be redeemed for cash back credits on the customer’s Optimum bill, access to premium channels, exclusive coupons and deals, and more.

This ensures that Optimum ACP Program members enjoy all the same great benefits, bonuses, and perks as other Optimum customers despite their discounted rate. The points system is just one example of how Optimum goes above and beyond to please subscribers. Optimum ACP Program participants can continue accumulating Optimum Points while saving $30/month on their internet access – it’s truly a win-win for eligible low-income households.

Who is Eligible for the ACP Program?

To be eligible, for the ACP Program discount offered by Optimum households need to meet one of these requirements;

  • Have an income to or below 200% of the poverty guidelines. For a family of four this translates to an income limit of $53,000 in 2022.
  • Be enrolled in assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, WIC or Lifeline.
  • Qualify for benefits under the free and reduced price school lunch program or school breakfast program.
  • Have received a Federal Pell Grant in the current award year.
  • Have experienced an income reduction due to job loss or pandemic between 2020 and 2021 with household incomes in those years falling below $99,000 for filers and $198,000, for joint filers.

NOTE: The Affordable Connectivity Program stopped taking applications or sign ups starting on February 7 2024. People who were eligible, for the ACP benefit might qualify for a program by the Federal Communications Commission known as Lifeline. In this program eligible individuals can receive a discount of up to $9.25 on phone, internet or bundled services (, up to $34.25 if they reside on qualifying Tribal lands).

Does Optimum Participate in the ACP Program?

Yes, Optimum proudly participates in the ACP Program. Eligible Optimum customers can sign up for the monthly $30 internet discount through www.optimum/acp. Optimum has made the Optimum ACP Program application process quick and easy online. Customers can apply, get approved, and start receiving the discount in as little as a few days. Optimum is committed to bringing affordable high-speed internet to more communities through participation in this important federal program.

NOTE: The Affordable Connectivity Program stopped taking applications or sign ups starting on February 7 2024. People who were eligible, for the ACP benefit might qualify for a program by the Federal Communications Commission known as Lifeline. In this program eligible individuals can receive a discount of up to $9.25 on phone, internet or bundled services (, up to $34.25 if they reside on qualifying Tribal lands).

How to Apply for the Optimum ACP Program

To apply for the Optimum ACP Program discount, eligible customers should follow these steps:

  • Visit www.optimum/acp or optimum.com/acp
  • Click “Apply Now” and optimum.com/acp login or create an account if new to Optimum.
  • Enter the account holder’s name and date of birth.
  • Confirm the service address. New customers will need to enter service details.
  • Provide the last 4 digits of the applicant’s Social Security number and date of birth.
  • Select the household size and enter the total annual household income.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click “Submit” to complete the optimum.com/acp application.
  • Optimum will review applications and notify applicants by email whether they were approved within a few days.
  • Approved customers can then start receiving the $30 monthly ACP Program internet discount.
  • The Optimum ACP Program application process takes less than 10 minutes and can be completed entirely online through the optimum.com/acp portal.

NOTE: The Affordable Connectivity Program stopped taking applications or sign ups starting on February 7 2024. People who were eligible, for the ACP benefit might qualify for a program by the Federal Communications Commission known as Lifeline. In this program eligible individuals can receive a discount of up to $9.25 on phone, internet or bundled services (, up to $34.25 if they reside on qualifying Tribal lands).

Does Optimum Accept Lifeline?

Yes, Optimum participates in the Lifeline program in addition to the ACP Program. Lifeline provides a monthly discount of $9.25 on phone or internet service for eligible low-income households.

Customers do not need to choose between Lifeline and ACP—eligible households can qualify for and stack both discounts to receive a total monthly discount of up to $39.25 when subscribing to Optimum internet through the Optimum ACP Program. This makes Optimum internet access highly affordable for those most in need through participation in Lifeline and ACP.

Did Optimum Prices Go Up?

Optimum periodically reviews and adjusts their internet service rates, but the Optimum ACP Program discount ensures that prices remain affordable for eligible low-income households even as rates change. While Optimum’s general rates have increased over time to keep pace with inflation and network upgrades, the ACP discount covers up to $30 of the monthly bill.

This means that Optimum ACP Program participants see little to no change in their effective monthly rate. And with speeds of up to 200 Mbps, Optimum Premium continues to offer high-speed connectivity at a deeply discounted cost for those signing up through www.optimum/acp.

Is ACP Membership Worth It?

The Optimum ACP Program provides an extremely valuable discount and is absolutely worth participating in for eligible households. With a $30 monthly savings, the program pays for itself quickly and provides affordable broadband access all year. High-speed internet is increasingly important for work, education, healthcare, and everyday life in today’s digital world.

But it is an expense not all families can easily afford. The ACP helps close the digital divide by making reliable internet more accessible and reducing economic barriers. For those already taking advantage of the Optimum ACP Program, most would agree that the membership saves far more than its nominal value and ensures vital home connectivity remains within financial reach.

Does Optimum Offer a Senior Plan?

While Optimum does not have a dedicated “Senior Plan,” older customers may find that the Optimum ACP Program discount makes their internet especially affordable. Many seniors live on fixed incomes and qualify for ACP through participation in government assistance programs like SSI.

Optimum’s ACP discount of up to $30 a month can go a long way in reducing expenses for senior households. And with simple online sign up through optimum.com/acp, seniors can take advantage of this important program and discount without difficulty. The Optimum ACP Program helps ensure Optimum service stays within budget for older Americans as well.

Does Optimum Offer Any Other Discounts?

In addition to the substantial savings from the Optimum ACP Program, Optimum offers other ways for customers to reduce their monthly bills:

Get savings, with Optimums bundle offers! Combine your internet with cable TV or home phone service to save up to $20 every month. Refer a friend. Receive a $50 credit when they sign up. Enroll in payments for a $5 discount each month.

Save $10 monthly by subscribing to two or more Optimum services. Students can enjoy a 25% discount with the Optimum Student Plan. Even if your household is above the ACP income limits you may still be eligible, for fantastic Optimum discounts. Don’t forget to visit optimum.com for the deals!

How to Become an Optimum Member

New members can easily sign up to become members by following these steps;

  • Go to optimum.com and click on “Get Started.”
  • Input your service address and select an internet plan such, as Optimum Premium.
  • Set up an account using a username and password.
  • Enter your contact details during the registration process.
  • Choose a date and time for installation.
  • A technician from Optimum will come to install your internet equipment.
  • Once everything is set up you will gain access to your account.

This entire process typically takes than half an hour. Additionally new members are entitled to a 30 day trial period, with no risk involved.It’s easy to become an Optimum customer and start taking advantage of features like the valuable Optimum ACP Program discount.

How Can I Lower My Optimum Bill?

There are a number of ways Optimum customers can reduce their monthly costs beyond just the substantial savings from the Optimum ACP Program. In addition to the $30 ACP discount, consider these Optimum bill lowering options:

Bundle internet with Optimum TV and/or home phone for up to $20/month in bundled service discounts.

Save $5 each month by enrolling in automatic bill payments from a bank account or credit card through your online Optimum account at optimum.com.

Earn $50 bill credits for each new customer you refer that signs up through Optimum’s referral program – just share your referral code found at optimum.com with friends and family.

Students can save 25% off the regular price of Optimum internet through the Optimum Student Plan when verifying student status online.

Some qualifying senior and military households may receive additional discounts – check optimum.com for the latest offers.

Combining these stacking discounts and the Optimum ACP Program can really help maximize your monthly savings on essential connectivity costs.

What Does CUC Mean on Optimum Cable Box?

The CUC (Conditional Access Unit Code) is a code that occasionally displays on some Optimum cable boxes. This code typically indicates the box needs to reconnect to Optimum’s network to confirm the user’s current channel lineup and programming package.

It’s a normal part of the two-way communication between the cable box and Optimum’s system to keep service active and functioning properly. The CUC code should disappear within a few minutes once the box reconnects automatically.

If a CUC code persists for more than 15 minutes, it may point to a temporary signal issue that requires the box to reset its connection. Unplugging the cable box for 30 seconds and letting it fully reboot often clears the CUC code.

CUC displays are nothing for customers to worry about – Optimum’s network is just verifying service details in the background. But if a CUC code won’t clear on its own, customers can also contact Optimum support at optimum.com for additional troubleshooting assistance.

Final Thought

The Optimum ACP Program plays a vital role in closing the digital divide and expanding broadband access for those facing economic hardship. Through its participation, Optimum helps hundreds of thousands of households each year stay connected affordably. Whether saving for a rainy day fund or pursuing educational opportunities online, the $30 monthly benefit has proven tremendously valuable for subscribers.

By making high-speed internet an affordable utility, the Optimum ACP Program improves lives and empowers communities across Optimum’s service area. Eligible customers are encouraged to take just a few minutes to apply through optimum.com/acp and start receiving this important discount immediately.

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